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The Viking Chef Rennet provides natural, chemical-free tablets that yield top-quality cheeses for any skill level. It's easy to use for amateurs and experts alike, and its gluten-free feature and quick dissolution in water offer unmatched convenience. These tablets are perfect for both household and commercial cheese-making, making the Viking Chef Rennet an excellent choice for those who want high-quality ingredients.

Who we are?

Hello there! We’re Viking Chef Rennet, a brand under the Fanous & Co Group. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Thank you for considering us for your culinary needs and we look forward to serving you with excellence!

A few words from the CEO Mr. Salim Fanous,

The Road towards Excellence

Join Viking Chef Rennet is a journey towards greatness. Let our expertise hand in hand be a guide to prepare your best batch of cheese. Seize the opportunity to learn and grow with every dish you create. Let’s set sail, be fearless and determined, and discover the extraordinary.

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Why Choosing Viking Chef Rennet ?

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ISO Certified
Viking Chef Rennet earns prestigious ISO certification for outstanding skill in food preparation and safety. We commitment to excellence and delivering safe, high-quality Products.
CE Certified
Viking Chef Rennet is EU-certified for safety. Making it a reliable culinary product.
GMP Certified
Viking Chef Rennet is GMP certified, ensuring high-quality and safe products. This guarantees strict quality control measures, reduces contamination risk, and boosts confidence in the products.
Halal Certified
Viking Chef Rennet is now Halal certified, meeting specific dietary laws and regulations for the Muslim community without compromising on quality or taste.
Natural Certified
Viking Chef Rennet met Natural certification standards through rigorous testing and attention to detail, showcasing the dedication to producing a superior product.
Long Shelf Life and Better Yield
Based on our our research indicates that the implementation of Viking Chef Rennet results in a higher quality cheese product that is capable of yielding improved output, which can be of significance to industry professionals.
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